To apply for Baptism, please use the Baptism Information Form:

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The parish congratulates you on the birth of your child and offers you a very warm welcome as you explore the possibility of having your child baptised. In doing so you are making it possible for your child to receive the gift of a relationship with Jesus Christ and full membership of his Church.

What being baptized is really all about?
Baptism is much more than just a ‘nice service’. When considering baptism for their children, parents are in effect saying that their own faith and practice is so important to them that they want the same thing for their child. During the Service of Baptism public promises are made about bringing up the child to know and love God. This means that the child should be brought up in an environment of the faith and in the context of the Church community. During the baptism service, parents are called upon to be the ‘first and best teachers of their child in the ways of faith.’ This involves regular family attendance at Sunday Mass, the provision of Catholic education, and above all the maintenance of a Christian ethos in the home.

Older Children & Adults
Older children (ie aged 5-12 yrs) may be baptised with special care and sensitivity. For children in Years 3- 7 we will place them in the First Holy Communion class and baptise them prior to the First Holy Communion celebration each May. Likewise children near Year 10 may be baptised within the context of Confirmation preparation. Young people 16+ will be considered for the adult course - the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). In all cases the parish priest will discuss with parents the best way ahead for each child.

What do I do next?
Complete the Baptism Information Form and hand it to the Parish Priest after Mass; the Parish Priest will arrange a meeting to discuss the next steps. Please remember that no date for the baptism can be set until this meeting has taken place.

God bless as you prepare for the baptism of your child. 

Download the Rite of Baptism - Click here

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