Health and Safety is a controversial subject. However it is a requirement by law in all businesse`s and the Catholic Church is no exception.

We are part of a Health and Safety programme run by the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton.

The programme is managed by a team of volunteers within the parish and entails a lot of work. For instance there are weekly, monthly, six monthly and annual inspection reports completed by the Health and Safety team and outside contractors. All these reports are documented, filed and down loaded to the Diocese central data base.

The Diocese is also required to complete a property survey, (Quinquennial Inspection Report)of all of their properties by qualified Chartered  Surveyors every five years. Depending on the findings in the report, the cost of rectifying the faults can run into thousands of pounds.

This is a snap shot of some of the checks we are required to complete on a weekly/monthly basis.


Weekly Checks

  • A walk round visual check of all four properties each week looking for any damage, rubbish or trip hazards.
  • Inspection of hand held firefighting equipment.
  • Check first aid boxes.
  • Security lighting around the 4 sites.
  • Contractors maintaining gardens and surrounding areas.


Monthly/6 Monthly Checks

  • Check emergency lighting and report any defects.
  • Contractors carry out a complete emergency lighting and fire alarm check every 6 months.
  • Contractors carry out the cleaning of gutters, drains, fencing and complete a property condition report for the Health and Safety team.
  • Salt boxes replenished in the winter.
  • Signage maintained.
  • Boiler inspections including Gas Certification.


Quinquennial Inspection Report.

As previously mentioned the QIRis completed every 5 years, high lighting the general

condition of the whole site, including the (Church, Hall, Presbytery, Nursery and  flat in Kings Court).

The report is broken into 3 categories, A, B, C and D.

Category  “A” Requires urgent attention.

Category   “B” Requires attention within 12 months.

Category   “C” Requires attention within 5 years.

Category   “D” Part of routine maintenance.

The above gives you a short insight into what is involved in making sure St John the Evangelist meets the recommended standards set out by the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton   Health and Safety policy. The Health and Safety policy is also required by the Diocesen Insurers.