Children's Liturgy

Many visitors to our parish comment on how child friendly we are. This is certainly our intention and every effort is made to make attendance at church a positive and enjoyable experience for children. On the first Sunday of each month, the entire 10.30 Mass is 'child centred' with special readings, songs and prayers. At these masses the children gather around the altar with Father Stanislaw for the Eucharistic prayer. It can be a bit chaotic, but most parishioners seem to cope!

On other Sundays, during 10.30 mass, we run a Children's Liturgy in the church hall. Our group of experienced Liturgy leaders help to make the Readings and Mass understandable and age-appropriate. The children have a lovely time - joining in, asking questions, singing songs, saying prayers together and often making some lovely artwork for the church.

Please note that the above services are suspended for now due to Covid-19 and replaced by the Virtual Children's Liturgy !

Virtual Children's Liturgy runs in alternate between Saturday afternoons at 5.00pm and Sunday mornings at 11.30am.

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Children's Liturgy Rota - Q4 2020

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