Bridge enquiries

  • Call Joan on 01737 814620

In February this year we started a “Friendly Bridge Club” in our Church Hall. As soon as the Coffee Club finishes around on a Tuesday, the tables are set up and play continues until about 12 noon. Rubber Bridge is played.

A fun way to learn Bridge

We welcome anyone who would like to play, whether novice or experienced. We are very fortunate to have three experienced players - Kate, Peggy and Margaret - who are willing to mentor beginners to the game.

The best way to learn Bridge is to play without pressure. Some of our members, who were new to the game, have now reached Club level standard! Everyone in the group enjoys the friendly atmosphere. We have been lucky enough to be given several packs of cards and two bridge tables. Each week players put 50p into a ‘kitty’ and from that we have been able to purchase another table (spotted on e-bay by one of our members) as well as new packs of cards and velvet table covers. Incidentally we would love to hear from anyone willing to sell/donate another table.

The number of participants varies each week, but if you come along you will be welcomed and can be sure of a game.