A parish is an active community with a multiplicity of functions, activities and concerns. At St. John's, the parish priest must rely heavily on members of the congregation coming forward to assist in a variety of roles so that it is an effective force for good in our area.

Parish Priest:  The parish priest is tasked by the bishop to provide overall spiritual, pastoral and educational lead for the parish.


Parish Office

Parish Priest - Father Stanislaw Mycek

Pastoral Assistant: Mrs Siobhain Clancy

Parish Secretary - Mrs Maria Foster

Website/H&S - Mr. Maurice Hutton

H&S/Support - Mr. Fred Green

Archivist - Mrs. Marie Toulmin


Parish Chair - Mrs. Margaret Tickner

Deceased Parishioner Register – Mrs. Maura Murray

Safeguarding – Mrs. Denise Wood/ Mrs. Marion Smith

Parish Liturgical & Church

Eucharistic Ministers Rota – Mr. Bryn Boucher

Readers Rota - TBC

Flower Arranging Lead – Mrs. Ann Green

Counters Rota – Mrs. Marie Toulmin

Votive Candle Stands -  Mrs. Irena Pietruszko,

Tuesday Prayer Group – Mr. Bryn Boucher/Mr. Chris Murrell

Wednesday Adoration – Mr. Bryn  Boucher/Mr. Chris Murrell

Sacristan 6pm Vigil – Mr. Bryn Boucher

Sacristan 8.30am – Mrs. Maureen Vanfrau

Sacristan 1030am – Mr. Bryn Boucher

Sunday Coffee – Mrs. Mandy Cowcher


Baptism Prep Lead – Mrs. Bernie Dunlop

First Holy Communion Lead -  Mrs. Benedicte Autret

Confirmation Admin: Mrs. Nicola Tynan

RCIA Lead – Mr. Danny Murphy


Groups & Organizations

MISSIO/APF – Mr. Nick Getting


CAFOD – Mr. Chris Murrell

J&P – Mr. Mike Morley


Hall Bookings – Mrs. Margaret Chatterton

Hall Facilities Manager/Support - Mr. Bryn Boucher

Parish Finance Committee

Parish Priest (President)

Chair & Treasurer – Mrs. Anne Webster

Property Manager – Mr. Mark Pattison

Gift Aid – Mr. Dick Shelly

Administration –  Mr. Michael Gannon

Parish Development – Mr. Andrew McNulty

Parish Liturgy Committee

Music – Mrs. Phillipa Watkins

Mr. Marc Roberts - Children's List

Mrs. Janet Stirling

Mrs. Margaret Tickner

Mr. Bryn Boucher

Communications Group

Mr. Maurice Hutton

Mrs. Catherine Ahern