Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and Readers

Picture of candles on the altar

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
The Eucharistic Ministry is highly valued in the parish. Approximately 15 or more lay people routinely assist the priest with the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass. Some ministers lead Services of Word and Holy Communion when Mass cannot be celebrated on a weekday. Additionally our ministers bring Communion to the sick and housebound usually on a weekly basis.

Commissioned Ministers of Holy Communion are expected to be both reverent and knowledgeable. They are expected to minister the Eucharist in a worthy and devout manner. Each year one or more training sessions are provided to all parish ministers. The training provide theological reflections on the ministry as well as providing a ‘nuts and bolts’ practical training guide as to how the ministry is to be carried out.

New candidates for this ministry are selected each Spring. Anyone who believes that they have a calling to exercise this ministry should contact the Parish Office or meet with the parish priest after any Mass. Ministers must be over 18 and be both baptised and confirmed.
Commissioning & Recommissioning. Ministers are commissioned and re-commissioned annually normally on the Feast of Corpus Christi.