Children’s Liturgy

Many visitors comment that our parish is a ‘child friendly parish’. That is certainly our intention and every effort is made to make attendance at church a positive and enjoyable experience for our children. On some occasions an entire Sunday 1030 Mass is ‘child centred’ with special readings, songs and prayers. Our Christmas Eve children’s Mass is one such celebration. At these the children generally gather round the altar with Fr. Richard for the Eucharistic Prayer. It is slightly chaotic but most parishioners seem to cope. On most other Sundays the children attend their very own Children’s Liturgy in the Hall adjacent to the church.

Led by our team of catechists the children look at the theme of the Mass and look at simplified readings. Often they make some art work that is later presented at the altar at Mass with the offerings. Children’s Liturgies last approx. 20 minutes after which the children re-join the congregation. Our catechists are trained for the task and all possess DBS clearance. While parents with very shy or nervous children might wish to accompany their them for Children’s Liturgy, most ere entirely happy for their children to go off with the others while they themselves remain for the Liturgy of the Word at Mass.